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U.S. Immigration Attorneys for Canadians who wish to work or live in the U.S.A.

Simkin & Associates

Over 20 years of experience helping Canadians gain legal entry to the United States

Our law firm specializes in obtaining U.S. Visas, Citizenship, Permanent Residency (“Green Cards”), NAFTA and other treaty Visas, for individuals, businesses, professionals, spouses, Students, visitors, Journalists, and others.

Family Visas

We can help obtain U.S. Visas for spouses, fiancees and children of U.S. Citizens.

Business Visas

We provide an experienced and competent approach to getting you a temporary work visa or a permanent business visa (Green Card).

Tourist Visas

We are experts at obtaining B-1 visas (visitor for business) and B-2 visas(visitor for pleasure) in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Student Visas

Coming to the States to study? We can help you obtain U.S. Visas, including those for Exchange Students, Academic Students and Non-Academic/Vocational Students.

U.S. Citizenship

The two most common reasons for immigration into the US permanently are work and family. Obtaining an Immigrant Visa/Green Card can be a difficult and time consuming process. In many cases the success of an individual in obtaining an Immigrant Visa is dependent upon whether he or she seeks the right help. This is a very precise and difficult process that should be guided by a competent, experienced attorney.

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